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CE-01:Start Your Own Blog


  1. Start your own blog on wordpress and send me an email with your blog name.
  2. Change the appearance of your blog.
  3. Make one post of your 5 favorite: Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Food.
  4. Add an image of one of your favorite movies to the post.



Mid-Term Illustrator Project

Due Date:  Oct 20th.

You will choose 2 out of 8 projects for your Mid Term.

  1. TCC logo re-design. (black/white and color version)
  2. Company logo.(Black/white and color version)
  3. Postage Stamp Series design.(3 Designs)
  4. Movie poster re-design.
  5. Playing Card Design. (3 Cards, back and front)
  6. Character Design (3 Characters)
  7. Skateboard/Snowboard Paint Design (3 Designs)
  8. Fashion/Clothing Line Design(3 Designs)

I must approve each piece before you get started with your final versions.  That means, I want to see sketches of your ideas.

With each choice you will include the following:

  1. 5 sketches.(either done with traditional media or computer)
  2. Final black white or color version.
  3. All files used to create your composition.
  4. A written paragraph describing your process and concept. Post.
  5. Posts of your process to your blog for each choice.
  6. Final Print.  (All files need to be printed and mounted. you will have the option of printing up to 11×17 inches, your work must be at least 10×10 inches)

Successful designs will make full use of Illustrator, use both the Elements and Principles of Design, and have strong concept and craft tied to the work.

Good Luck.  I would get started now!


Company Logo:

Postage Stamp Series:

Movie Poster:

Character Design:

Fashion Design:

Skateboard/Snowboard Design:

Playing Card Design: